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IAPE – Israeli Association for Program Evaluation

IAPE is a non-profit, professional organization comprised of academics, practitioners and users of program and project evaluation in a variety of fields – psychology, education, social services, health, business, and others.

Goals of the IAPE:

  • Increase the use of Program Evaluation and its findings
  • Encourage the development of the theory of Program Evaluation
  • Advance the essential recognition of Program Evaluation as a means of improving the effectiveness of social and educational interventions
  • Promote the recognition of Program Evaluation as a profession
  • Better serve the communities and the populations involved in Program Evaluation
  • Contribute to the influence of Program Evaluation on decision making
  • Officially support and influence evaluation practice in Israel
  • Create and develop professional ties among evaluators and users of evaluation in Israel

Activities of IAPE:

  • Organization of conferences focusing on issues of concern to the evaluation community
  • Connection to an electronic and regular mail network that provide information about issues concerning evaluation in Israel and abroad
  • Establishment of connections with Evaluation Organization throughout the world
  • Participation in the worldwide forum of Evaluation Association
  • Circulation of a list of members to evaluation consumers in Israel
  • Publication of a Newsletter containing articles, discussions, and events of interest to the evaluation community in Israel
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